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Glen Dugger UASB Candidate Introduction and Background

Meet Glen

My life is grounded in this community and our schools have always played a major part. I was born and raised in Upper Arlington, growing up in the house my parents built on Riverhill Road. Attending Fishinger Road Elementary, Hastings Middle School and proudly graduating in 1977. Days were spent playing backyard baseball, basketball and shooting pool in my parent’s house. 

I went on to attend Ohio University where I played football until my junior year when I developed a bone cancer - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Thanks to the great doctors at OSU, I was treated and went on to graduate on time with a degree in Business Administration. 

The next four years were spent at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and working with Smith and Hale learning the skills of city planning and development. It’s around this time, I met my wife and fellow Upper Arlington alum, Joanie Igel. After we were married and moved into our house on Coventry Road, we welcomed our children; Sarah Jane, Ted and Abby. 

As parents, Joanie and I felt it was important that we just didn’t talk about doing the right thing. We were committed to showing by example and that meant not just living in this community, but doing what we could to make it the best experience possible.

Glen Dugger Family and Background

Education & Work Experience

  • Graduated from Upper Arlington High School in 1977

  • Graduated from Ohio University Bachelor of Business Administration 1981

  • Graduated from Ohio State University College of Law, JD 1984

  • Real Estate Development Lawyer, Smith and Hale, 1984-present. 

  • Land Acquisition Team, Easton, 1986 to 1994

  • Land Acquisition Team, New Albany, 1986 to 1996

  • Land Acquisition Team, Limited East Broad Campus, 1990-1995

  • Land Acquisition, Entitlements, Development Attorney Alton Place, 2016-present

Glen Dugger - UA Women's Lacrosse Announcer


Volunteering for the community was ingrained into me by my Father, Dean Dugger, who was the Director of the Columbus Chapter of the American Red Cross for 25 years. Following his example, after we were married, Joanie and I joined the Childhood League which supports the mission of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 

Joanie was dedicated to the school system and co-chaired four consecutive levies which included the bond levy that resurrected Jones Middle School. While she worked on the levies, I was honored as the Alumni Association Alumni of the Year and also served twice as a Board Chair of the Upper Arlington Education Foundation. My work on the board started a long association with the Foundation which continued when Joanie joined the Foundation as its second employee, eventually serving for 17 years as its Director. 

I was very proud when Joanie started UAEF’s annual fundraiser, the Golden Bear Bash.  Every Labor Day Weekend the Bash brings the community together to raise funds to support Upper Arlington Schools. Unfortunately, Joanie passed from Ovarian cancer in 2019. The Bash was Joanie’s legacy, as it brings together so many wonderful volunteers throughout the community in support of the UA public schools. 

Like a lot of parents, I coach many of my kid’s sports; football at Northam Park, Optimist basketball, and later I helped start the UALA Girls Lacrosse Program, serving as one of its first volunteer coaches, which I am still active with UALA to this day. 

I have remained involved in the schools through cheering on the various activities of my nephews and nieces, and serving as a game announcer for Boys Hockey and Girls Lacrosse. Now, I have grandkids at Barrington and more on the way.

Currently, I serve on the Board of Trinity United Methodist Church, the Board of Directors of Home For Families, the Alton Place Community Authority Board of Trustees, and am a co-founder of Bear Swam Farms, in Raymond, Ohio, the largest privately owned wetland in the state of Ohio. 

My Platform

Click here to learn more about my platform and hopes for the future of the UA Schools. 

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