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Glen Dugger for School Board Family and Platform


I’ve been blessed in my career as a real estate attorney. I’ve had the opportunity to work on some of the major projects that have helped transform Central Ohio. At this point in my life, I want to help get Upper Arlington schools back to being one of the finest public schools systems in the state of Ohio. We should strive to be the best school, with the best academic, extracurricular and  performance in the state. If we’re doing it, we should aspire to be great at it. 

Like a lot of schools across the country. The last several years have been tough on the district. We had to confront the reality that our facilities were functionally obsolete. Then came Covid which was difficult and divisive on many fronts.


We pulled together and as a community we launched an enormous financial commitment in the most recent bond levy campaign, to give our kids world class facilities. Our school buildings have been revived and completely rebuilt. The new high school is spectacular – it reflects our community’s commitment to education. But now, we have to focus on what happens inside of those buildings. 

I’m running for a seat on the school board to put an emphasis on delivering excellence for students in everything we do. That means everything. From core curriculum to sports to the arts, we will give our kids the attention and resources to excel. We will strive to give our students a complete and well-rounded educational experience across every program. 


Each kid is different. Some of our students go to college while some enter a trade school or join the military. Wherever their future takes them, we will teach the tools they need to succeed in their lives.  

Our kids will only go through childhood and this school system once – we have to get this right. I will help our new superintendent; Dr. Robert Hunt refocus on excellence in education.

That is my passion, focus and mission - to re-focus on educational excellence in Upper Arlington. That is the tradition in our community and we owe it to our kids.

I’m Glen Dugger and I’m running for School Board and I would appreciate your support. 

Go Bears! 

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